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Photo of electrician during measurment

Free Estimates
We provide free estimates for any commercial construction/ renovation.

We have experienced, professional electricians who can help diagnose and rectify any electrical issues in your building/business.

Service Contracts
We have qualified electricians on staff for any electrical maintenance work both commercial and industrial.

Bucket Trucks
We have 2 bucket trucks that can be rented along with a tech for various tasks both electrical and none electrical. Our bucket trucks can reach a working height of 40’ and 70’. (i.e. .exterior lighting, parking lot lighting, over head signs.)

Maintenance and installation of any size single phase or three phase electrical systems.

Surge Protection
Surge protectors installed in your business will provide protection to all your electrical devices (computers,controls,etc.) against and voltage spikes that can arise due to power faults.

Grounding and Bonding
We install and grounding and bonding requirements for your building and/or equipement.

Generator Systems Installed and Serviced
Generator systems will allow your business to function during power black outs, we also troubleshoot and service existing systems.

We can provide and install light fixtures as well as install light fixtures provided. We provide trouble shooting and maintenance to any lighting systems.

Parking lot lighting: with our bucket trucks parking lot lighting maintenance is made easy and convenient. We also provide lighting assessments if you are wishing to install parking lot lighting or looking to update to new LED lighting.
Security lighting: lighting over doors and surrounding any building is extremely important, we can troubleshoot existing lights that are not working, install wiring and new lighting.
Lighting Assessments: Thinking about changing to LED? Or thinking that maybe your warehouse or offices just don’t have enough lighting? We can discuss all this and provide accurate assessments of what the required lighting for this space should be.
LED lighting: LED lighting is where everything is heading! There are lots of options for the installation of LED lights both exterior and interior and our electricians are very experienced and qualified.

Exit and Emergency Lighting
These items are very important to a building/business as they are safety measures. We can both maintenance and install new systems.

Overhead Signs
We provide maintenance to any overhead signage as well can install new signage.

Our electricians are very qualified in trouble shooting and repairing any issues with various electrical heating systems. We also provide installation of various electrical heating systems such as: -Heat Trace: Heat Trace is a wonderful way to keep your doorways and walkways safe from falling ice .Installed on the eve of the building and in gutters and downspouts it is a proactive way to get ready for winter. -In-Floor Heating: This for commercial purposes we can install in any concrete floor it helps maintain an ambient temperature and is ideal for garages and warehouses. -Electric Heaters: Installation of both single phase and three phase heaters and controls.

Off Grid Solar Systems
We have staffs that are fully knowledgeable on the installation and requirements for solar systems.

Thermal Imaging Reports
Thermal imaging is a proactive form of maintenance for any commercial or Industrial electrical system. With our thermal imager we can safely evaluate all aspects of your electrical system and easily and quickly identify problems before they worsen. We compile all the results/information from these images and the site inspection into an easy and professional report.

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